Joyce Carelock Ministries

dba Empowerment Training Center

Organizational Background

Empowerment Training Center is a vital 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Trinity, Florida and Northern Virginia. Founded in 2011, our organization alleviates the burdens that are faced by many undeserved community members. The organization is dedicated to providing high quality emotional support, vocational training services, and educational programs to as many individuals as possible with the funds and resources we have available. These activities also provide a thorough foundation for the individuals in our program to better care for themselves, their families, and their entire community.

Individual empowerment and self-determination have always been strong components of the organization. Initiated by Joyce Carelock, the organization was conceived and organized to address homelessness, the mental health, educational, and spiritual needs of the community, to counteract failure, and to assist in the successful transition to life in a positive environment.

Since inception, we have been working feverishly to fully develop first-class standards through which we provide services to our participants. Our staff members have proudly served over three hundred individuals in our vocational training programs. In addition, our representatives have raised the support required to implement a parenting course that has been attended by over four hundred community members and a literacy program that serves both U.S. cities and foreign adults in one-on-one training.
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