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By: JL Carelock | February 19, 2018

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The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention: She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment. 

Synonyms of procrastination:


-Put off


-Let slide

-Play a waiting game

-Drag one’s feet

-Give the run around

Signs of a procrastinator:

-Gather necessary information, but take a long time to make decisions.

-Have to rush to meet deadlines.

-Perform tasks today that you intended to perform days ago.

-Delay tackling huge tasks.

-Although you know deadlines are approaching, you often veer off to do other tasks.

-Have a lot of unfinished projects at home, work, school, church, etc.

-People often check up on you to ensure projects will be completed on time.

Avoiding the procrastination trap:

-Commit to getting the job done. Establish a time that you will start and finish a project before its deadline. If you have a paper due on Monday, set a finish date for the previous Friday. That gives you time to work around distractions that often preset themselves as you approach the end of a project. If you plan to clean house on the weekend, do little things during the week to prepare: make sure you have enough cleaning supplies, place soiled clothing in the appropriate area, wipe down the stove, oven and counters as you use them instead of letting it all pile up for the weekend.

 -Limit personal calls and casual internet activities while working on projects. The idea here is to limit the number of distractions created by you. Sure, there are unforeseen events that happen in our day that cause us to shift gears. For instance, a friend may visit while you are in the middle of a project or your child may need your immediate assistance. We visit with the friend, assist the child and then return to the project. When we create distractions, they often hold our attention much longer than we anticipated. The 5-minute phone call can easily turn into an hour or more. Surfing the web, checking and responding to emails can all lead to other areas of distractions that just eat away the time you designated for a particular task. Consider these activities a reward to be enjoyed once you complete your task.

 -Concentrate on the start of a project, but focus on the outcome.One of the most important parts of getting something done is simply starting. Oftentimes we have projects that can be stressful, overwhelming and challenging to complete. Instead of identifying all the reasons you should postpone the project, it becomes more satisfying when you find value in the end result. You may need to gather, clean and deliver clothes to a family in need. The acts of gathering, cleaning and delivering may be very time consuming.However, when you picture the smile on a child’s face and the overwhelming love that a mother feels due to your act of kindness; this motivation will help you see this as more than a mere project.

 Let’s shut down procrastination today. It holds us back from getting important tasks completed in a timely manner. Someone is depending on you to complete that boring, seemingly insignificant task. Let’s get the work done.

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