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By: JL Carelock | March 05, 2018

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.”

Matthew 24:44

Preparation for the coming of Christ is an underlying theme of most sermons, spiritual songs and Christian based movies and study material. Christ is indeed going to make His return and we all want to be ready. There are several passages of scripture that speak of this monumental event and also offer keys for spiritual preparation. We will discuss some of those at a later date.

Many times, we are so focused on the end, that we miss pivotal moments in or daily lives. Yes, we want to have our lamps full of oil when Christ returns. But, in the meantime, have we prepared ourselves for the opportunities that He presents to us along the way?

Can you think about a time when a door opened for you, but unfortunately you were not prepared? Maybe you lacked the education, skills, wisdom, finances, commitment, character or other attributes needed to walk through that door of opportunity. How did it make you feel? Did you just give in to defeat? Or were you challenged to make the necessary changes to prepare for the next opportunity?

As a resident of Florida, I have become very familiar with the terms “preparedness” and “preparation”. Even though we are months away from hurricane season, the libraries, hospitals, schools and community centers already have “hurricane preparedness” materials available for anyone who needs it. The state of Florida has been hit violently in the past, therefore, they prepare all year for possible events to come.

We all can use this as an example for our own lives. We have prayed for things and opportunities and believe that God will honor our prayers. However, how many of us are truly prepared for the opportunities if they present themselves today? The list below is designed to help you gage your level of “preparedness”. Take some time to really think about your answers. You never know, your next door of opportunity could be just around the corner.

1. What are my strengths?

2.  What challenges do I face right now?

3.  What would I accomplish if fear was not a factor?

4.  What is my personal mission statement?

5.  What good habits do I need to cultivate?

6.  How have I influenced the people around me?

7.  What am I holding on to? Is there anything I should let go?

8.  Are my priorities in order? What are my top 5 priorities in life right now?

9.  Am I managing my time wisely?

10.  If I were given $1 million dollars today, what would I do with it?

11.  What am I grateful for?

12.  Am I doing what I feel destined to do?

13.  How am I preparing myself for my destiny?

14.  What does my ideal day look like?

15.  Do I live by the words that I speak/preach to others?

16.  What am I doing to promote health in my physical body?

17.  What are the distractions that easily get me angry or cause me to get off course?

18.  What am I most proud of?

19.  What practical skills do I wish I had?

20.  Since the beginning of the year, have I fallen back into any bad habits or relationships?

21.  If I could share one message with the world, what would it be?

22.  Who does my support system consist of? Do I maintain a healthy relationship with them?

23.  Have I identified areas in my life where I need to apply more faith?

24.  What can I do today, to prepare for a better tomorrow?

25.  At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be?


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