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Certified: Life Coach | Career Coach | Domestic Violence Life Coach


The Joyce Carelock Ministries Life Coaching Services. The most powerful people in the world have asked for help from a coach at some time in their careers, and in most cases, have a permanent life coach.

We believe you are important. Regardless of your past, how devastating it has been, the mistakes you’ve made, or the pain, hurt, and trauma someone else has caused you we coach our clients to achieve their life goals with careful strategies that are catered to each person. Our organization uses the Holistic approach to coach you towards success. Are you stuck? We are here to help you.

We help you work towards:

        ·Financial security and independence

                ·Find the work/career you love

·Get your emotional needs met

·Be free from abuse or victim mentality

·Practice, learn and enjoy self-care

·Become naturally motivated

·Eliminate unhealthy habits

·Start doing what you really want to do

·Heal from Domestic Violence

·Break down roadblocks

·Balancing personal life, home life, work life, emotional life etc.

·Hourly rate (per session)

·3RD party billing welcome

Please Note:  All training's are offered in a Virtual Classroom at this time. 

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